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Connect with new families at the right time, engage them through calls, emails and text messages with our simple, yet powerful sales and marketing platform.

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ChildCareCRM® is the result of more than 75 years of industry knowledge. Combining our experience of child care business consulting and child care management system development, we’ve powered the latest in web-based software technology to bring you a simple-to-use, yet powerful lead management system that delivers results to your organization’s bottom line.

  • Lead Tracking

    Follow a prospective family through your enrollment processes every step of the way with complete contact information, detailed history and interactions with your team and insight into how and when they’re making their decisions.

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  • Wait List Management

    Maximize space in your classrooms and on your wait list. Sort and manage by age, priority and other custom filtering criteria set by you. Reach out quickly to your wait list and fill open seats with the click of a button.

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  • Task Management
    Task Management Task Management

    Stay on top of your to-do list and ensure that critical follow up is happening each day. Understand what’s overdue on your team’s list and what’s coming next. Work as an individual or as a team. Complete your tasks each day and watch your enrollment grow.

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  • Reporting

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Make data-driven business decisions and grow your enrollment effectively. ChildCareCRM Report Center allows you to dive into details on your organization's conversion trends, available opportunities, marketing spend and other key metrics to help you run the more efficiently.

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  • Text and Email Automation

    Save time and connect with leads when and where it counts. Set up automatic follow up with branded email and text content or send a manual combination and get your message out to the right family at the right time.

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