About ChildCareCRM® & CRM Web Solutions, LLC.

CRM Web Solutions was founded in 2009 to develop and introduce to owners and directors a comprehensive, web-based customer relationship and marketing system that was specifically designed for the child care industry. Child Care CRM is the result of over 20 years of industry experience involving child care management software systems and child care business consulting that has been combined with the latest in web-based software technology to bring you a simple-to-use, yet powerful, lead management system that delivers results to an organization’s bottom line.

Child Care CRM is ideal for individual child care centers and has unique functionality for managing the sales process in small to large multisite organizations. Currently more than 1600 centers, schools and preschools in 47 states in the U.S., Canada and Australia use Child Care CRM to:

  • Make their sales and marketing processes more efficient and effective
  • Enhance communication with their parents
  • Improve the conversion success rates of their inquiries
  • Manage their businesses better through access to timely reporting of key metrics and trends.

Every organization has its marketing campaigns, but Child Care CRM helps deliver results to your bottom line by Growing Your Enrollment One Relationship at a Time™. Our built-in best business practices are configurable by client which maximizes the effectiveness of the system to improve your conversion success rates almost immediately. Let us show you how by scheduling a demonstration today.

Chuck Gibbs
ChildCareCRM® President/CEO & Founder

Our Executive Team

Chuck Gibbs - President/CEO & Founder, has been creating and selling software systems for most of his career. He has more than 20 years of child care industry experience and a vast knowledge of successful sales & marketing systems, strategies and techniques that he has brought to the development of Child Care CRM. Chuck is a regular speaker at child care conferences helping owners and directors understand the important steps in the sales process and often provides personalized group trainings.

Ryan Hodges - Vice President of Product Development & Co-Founder, has created dozens of software systems for a variety of customers over the years and has a unique talent for making software easy and intuitive for the users. His 15 years of software development, systems consulting and business process optimization has greatly contributed to the success of Child Care CRM in making the system intuitive and understandable.

Seth Martin - Vice President of Systems Engineering & Co-Founder, has extensive knowledge of the latest development technologies and incorporates these into smart database designs to make our systems fast, efficient and scalable. Seth’s 15 years of programming and software design experience helps keep our systems on the forefront of technology.

Our Management Team

Jimmie Markham - Training & Support Manager, brings with him over 15 years of customer service and technical support experience educating thousands of customers and keeping hundreds of businesses up and running on various software platforms over the years. Jimmie also brings his many years of communication and technical writing skills to provide our customers with state-of-the-art documentation and help resources.

Emily Smith- Solutions Manager, offers our customers a unique insight to the benefits of Child Care CRM through her Early Childhood Education degree and 8 years’ experience as the center Director of two schools that were part of different national franchises. Emily’s knowledge and enthusiasm in helping to configure our solutions to help centers manage their sales processes more effectively and efficiently is a win/win situation for anyone willing to listen to her.

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