I used to work with a woman named Debbie.

Debbie was arguable one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with, she always had a big smile on her face and was always willing to help. The problem that Debbie had was that she was stuck in the analog days. Everything had to be done in an excel spreadsheet, printed out, put in binder, and stored in a filing cabinet. This system worked great, until she retired, and the rest of us were left with ten binders containing years of inquiries, conversations and information about potential enrollments. It took months for one of my coworkers to finally get all of our documentation scanned into a system and organized, costing our business thousands of dollars in leads that were never followed up with and the time it took for someone to sit and sort through binders and binders of information.

The reason I tell you about Debbie, is because we all know a Debbie. We all know someone that refuses to take advantage of the technology available and continues to spend her time and energy doing everything manually. There is at least one Debbie in every center and keeping Debbie’s systems in place can cost you time, organization, and thousands of dollars.

But have you ever stopped to think how much easier your life would be if everything were automated? Have you ever dreamed of a day when you wouldn’t have 100 sticky notes on your desk every morning? What about a system, where you can search though all your records and find what you are looking for within seconds?

Here are three ways that ChildCareCRM users are making the most of their tools and saying goodbye to the endless paper trail.

Close the Loop

ChildCareCRM connects with your opt-in forms on your websites, social media platforms and more. Allow parents to connect with you in a way that works for them and bring that information directly into your CRM system without lifting a finger. Update the family information as you go and export the details directly to your management systems, parent engagement apps and more. Cut out all that extra time and take advantage of the power of integrations.

Goodbye, Clipboards & Binders

Save yourself time and keep your team up to date on the lastest information with each family by replacing your tour and information forms with ChildCareCRM’s Kiosk forms. Most centers collect important information from parents prior to their tours on paper and keep all the follow up on this one sheet before transferring it to the binders on their shelves, it’s time to end the binder of death’s reign of terror. Using the Kiosk form on a tablet or front computer allows touring families to enter their information and transfer it to your CRM system with the click of a button. Focus on relationship building on your tour instead of note taking. As soon as you finish your tour, personalized follow up for each family will generate within your CRM helping you continue your relationship with that family as you move them towards enrollment.

Make Real Time Data-Driven Decisions

More than 30 configurable reports within your ChildCareCRM Reporting Suite allow for a wide range of summary, detail and table views. Auto-run these reports with custom scheduling options and distribute them to your team via email so that you can make critical decisions in minutes. Extensive filtering, selection and export options in a user-friendly format give you the flexibility you need to quickly and thoroughly analyze lead/child information, statistical data trends, staff usage and revenue potential.

 Sounds great… Right?

It’s time to bring your center into the 21st century. With ChildCareCRM, you can manage your potential enrollments with ease and efficiency. No more digging through paperwork to find the phone number of the parents coming to tour – just search it! You won’t know how easy your life can be until you try ChildCareCRM!