Child Care Attendance Software

Child care attendance software allows you to offer personalized attention to every child in your school, learning center or child care facility. The reason for this is that good child care management software helps you collect important information about each child or prospective enrollee.

Take, for instance, ChildCareCRM, which is the premier child care management software that enables you to capture data like phone numbers, children’s names, birthdays, mailing addresses and more. Apart from that, it captures information about past customers, current customers and prospects.

Why you need child care software programs?
Running a preschool or child daycare center is time consuming and complicated work. Child care attendance software can help you manage your time more efficiently, so that you can plan for things like marketing your school. Other ways such software can help includes:

  • Allowing you to have constant contact with parents because the software automatically schedules tours, phone calls, emails and more.
  • The software allows you to add important data and communicate with prospects wherever you are on any device because it is Cloud-based.
  • Helps you market your facility effectively through automatic emails so that you can fill enrollment.
  • Presents all the information about a sales lead/child on one page making it easier to connect with your prospects or current customers.
  • Keeps you updated on the enrollment pipeline and helps you identify statistical data trends.

ChildCareCRM has a user-friendly format that is easy to navigate, meaning that you can quickly and thoroughly analyze lead/child information. One way it does this is through the use of table views. Additionally, it is a tool created to allow you and your team to manage follow up tasks, to automate marketing communication processes, and capture lead/child data instantly from your website’s inquiry form.

It is also child care attendance software that has an automatic age-up feature that allows you to manage groups effortlessly and know the birthdays that are approaching. In a nutshell, it is a tool that saves times and helps you stay organized and beat the competition. So call us today at 866-306-1985 and start turning relationships into results.