Child Care Billing Software

Attention child care professionals, you will save more time and money when you use a good child care billing software. Procare is one of the best child care computer software that helps in tuition collection.

It has a modular format that allows you to select components that meet your needs and budget. The software is specifically designed for child care centers, daycare providers, preschool, kindergarten, after-school programs, school districts child enrichment programs and more.

How Procare child care computer software works
To make it a reliable child care billing software, Procare works in partnership with other services. For automatic payment collection, you will need to add services of Tuition Express to Procare Software. Then you can add MyProcare to handle things like scheduling and online registration.

The system also stores data securely in the Cloud, which gives you the advantage of accessing it anywhere on any device.

Procare Software has also partnered with our team at ChildCareCRM to bring you one of the most effective and time saving marketing and management solutions. ChildCareCRM is specifically tailored for the child care industry and it does the following:

  • Automates emails and texts: You can segment messaging based on limitless filtering criteria and send personalized messages to each family faster, smarter and better.
  • Integrate and extend: It can keep up with your ever changing internal systems. This CRM allows you to stay connected with your website, social media, management and parent engagement systems, through its partner integrations.
  • Enhances business-customer relationships: It offers a variety of communication channels that allow you to connect with prospects, current customers and past customers. You can reach them through the phone, email, text messages and even in person.
  • Marketing: ChildCareCRM helps you save money by measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It does this by calculating campaign response rates and the cost of every response. You can also view conversion rates from every lead source, inquiry type, campaign type or specific marketing campaign.

It is a child care software for mac and other operating systems. You do not have to worry whether your system will run it. Our child care billing software partners with other services so that it can contribute to the health and stability of your facility by helping you be more successful. Call us today at 866-306-1985 to get a free demo.