Child Care Marketing System

If you are scouring for an effective and efficient child care marketing system, then you need to try ChildCareCRM. This is innovative child care marketing software created by our executive staff that has more than 75 years experience in the child care industry.

We know the needs of the industry and how to effectively market services in it. That is why we have created a solution that allows you to leverage such time-saving benefits as watching your enrollment pipeline update in real time and more.

Why our child care marketing software works
Many industries already know how customer data can help in the creation of winning marketing strategies. While the child care industry is a lot different compared to industries that focus on selling products and services, we also use data as a marketing guide. Our child care marketing system works in the following ways:

  • Lead management: ChildCareCRM allows you to capture lead/child data from phone calls, emails or web inquiries and during walk-in tours. It also automatically generates tours, phone-calls and email follow-ups.
  • Marketing information: Our child care marketing program helps you quantify the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It does this by calculating campaign response rates and cost per response.
  • Email marketing: With our software, you can create custom email merge templates for one of your centers or for the entire organization. You can send individual or group emails at the click of a button, and confirm in real time whether the emails have been delivered.
  • Automation: ChildCareCRM allows you to automatically send personalized emails to each family and automate other important processes.
  • Connect: You can use our software to reach your customers through various online channels (i.e. social media, your website, etc.). Your communication will be aided by your ability to access information about a family on a single page. Such information includes, contact information, child record, communication history and more.

Our child care marketing system automates important processes needed for child care center marketing. This helps child care professionals work smarter, not harder, when it comes to marketing. Call our team at 866-306-1985 and start turning relationships into results.