Childcare Attendance Management Software

If you own or operate a daycare center, you know how important it is to find a childcare attendance software program that will automate your business. ChildCareCRM has developed one of the most innovative childcare software programs available and we are proud to offer it to our worldwide group of clients.

As a team that has been in the childcare industry for over 75 years combined, we completely understand all the ins and outs of your unique business model.

Our childcare management programs integrate smoothly with many other programs on the market to help you streamline your entire marketing and data management system.

How much time could you save if your attendance and communication tasks could be automated? That’s what ChildCareCRM can offer you. But that’s not all.

  • ChildCareCRM helps you automate your lead management system. After all, keeping your enrollment full is what keeps you in business.
  • We streamline the process from inquiries to enrollment with our childcare management programs.
  • Our childcare attendance software gives you the tools to automate communication using text messaging and email. Parental communication has never been so easy.
  • Our software gives you the exact data you need to quantify your marketing results so that you can make sure your marketing resources are being put to best use.
  • ChildCareCRM helps you completely automate all your marketing tasks, freeing you up to do the things you actually love.
  • We simplify your email marketing campaign with email templates and follow-up communication.

To efficiently and effortlessly track all your data, ChildCareCRM’s childcare attendance software has the market cornered. We offer a proven marketing and data management system specific to your type of business because childcare software is all that we do. We know how to help you get results because we have been in your shoes. We also partner with other great businesses to provide the most comprehensive tools you will find to run your childcare operation. For a quality system designed specifically for your business, contact us today.