Childcare Management Analysis App

ChildCareCRM is really excited about our childcare management app partners and inventory. We have worked with our partners to build a catalog of secure, easy-to-use digital applications that can used to track everything childcare related from tuition collections to observational data about learning. 

Different childcare programs have different needs. Are you a home-based, single location center? Do you have a stand alone facility? Or, do you administrate for a multi site organization? We have childcare management software to meet your business needs as well as your budget.

Use technology to track and report a child’s progress

Let's say you require a childcare analysis app that is designed to capture children's learning. Our partners at KindyHub presents an easy-to-use digital platform to record daily learning experiences and observations while providing the ability to link to early learning frameworks. 

When you have that information available on a regular basis, parents will talk and they will spread the word about your program. Increasing enrollment and maintaining a full class size is the key to any successful childcare organization. Parents never tire of receiving up to date information about their child's growth and experiences!

Tools to make life easier for team members and parents

Every parent and caregiver knows about the endless number of forms that follow a child through their childcare and school years. Have you ever thought about a childcare management app that would help eliminate wasted time and paper? 

ChildCareCRM works with SchoolLeader, a provider of an application that will help you take control over your daily operations and file management. Immunization and vaccination records, field trip coordination, meal counts — even the latest in bio-metric security access to your facility.
One childcare analysis app that we really love comes from Cirrus Group, whose solutions have been trusted by thousands of childcare centers and schools throughout the United States. 

Called DayCare Works, this app provides solutions for childcare centers, before and after school programs and community education centers. We deliver a full-service menu of required management and analysis tools such as staff/vendor portals, staff accreditation information, attendance, billing and even third-party payment systems.  ChildCareCRM has a childcare management app that will make you a parent's choice for childcare — we’re confident of that!