Day Care Provider Apps

ChildCareCRM is proud to offer state-of-the-art day care provider apps that will maintain an information pipeline among teachers, parents and administrators to support your day care center.

As a day care administrator, you need a secure, solid way to compile a day care database that takes you from initial marketing information all the way to enrollment. Our secure, Cloud-based, user-friendly platform puts the relevant day care application in your hands. Let's take a look at some of the offerings and their features.

About ChildCareCRM
Building your day care database has never been easier than when you are working with ChildCareCRM and our partners. If you are looking for application integration, LifeCubby Family App and Classroom App are fast and easy to update, keeping parents connected with their child's classroom throughout the day.

Security is such an important issue for today's families and LifeCubby provides state-of-the-art encryption, firewalls, compression and back-ups. Wondering what all that means? Visit ChildCareCRM for more information and free demos.

KidReports is next up on our list of partners in day care provider apps. KidReports provides a suite of tools useful in classroom management and parent engagement. Peace of mind creates a successful relationship with enrolled families and this app helps keeps parents connected with the daily activities of their child. Send pictures, videos, progress updates and more with KidReports day care provider apps.

Build trust and credibility with ChildCareCRM and our accompanying apps
Great tools, secure software and constant communication with parents can provide your day care business with the marketing boost needed to put you at the top of your local day care provider list and improve your "searchability" or SEO placement.

The right apps used in conjunction with a well curated interactive website, strong social media presence and targeted email marketing plan will definitely put your business in the optimal position to increase enrollment and establish a reputation that will generate word-of-mouth recommendations and written testimonials from your enrolled families. Let ChildCareCRM put day care provider apps in your hands that will give you the opportunity to keep your audience informed, your data secure and classroom management running smoothly.