Daycare Provider Apps

Finding the right set of daycare provider apps and daycare database options can seem daunting. How do you know that the client relationship management software that you are using is reliable – can you trust this daycare application?

The truth is that there are many products that manage client information, but only one is designed specifically for childcare, daycare and private school users: ChildCareCRM. Our system allows you to consolidate your daycare provider list, manage data and quickly determine whether your marketing efforts are working.

Take the guesswork out of marketing your daycare, and start using the Cloud-based solution that really does the job. Check out what ChildCareCRM has to offer.

Why you need the right daycare provider apps to operate your business
Many small businesses start off managing their prospective and current client data in a generic program like Excel. Although this can work for a short time, the most successful businesses tend to use more sophisticated software as their go-to daycare application or daycare database.

At ChildCareCRM, we know that you value your time and would probably rather spend it with children or training staff — you do not need to be hidden away, conducting data analysis. That is why we make it so easy. Our Cloud-based system can be accessed anywhere, and it is designed to accommodate your needs when it comes to:

  • Managing client information, including demographics and contact history
  • Overseeing marketing campaigns
  • Contacting current and prospective clients by e-mail
  • Managing your wait list
  • And much more

Even better, if you manage multiple daycares, ChildCareCRM is definitely the system you need. Our daycare provider apps can be accessed from any computer because it lives on the cloud – no more waiting to enter or review information until you get back to “home base.” If you want a comprehensive system that manages these business metrics and helps you move your business forward, it is time to schedule a demo from ChildCareCRM. Contact us today to learn more.