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Scale your business with CRM+ marketing automation.

These days, your busy nursery managers don’t have time to follow up with every lead and nurture them until they enrol. But lost leads equal lost revenue. Automate marketing across your settings with CRM+.

Capture leads from anywhere.

Automatically capture leads from your website, landing pages, phone calls, Facebook, and more. Leads flow directly into CRM+ for automated, fast follow-up.

  • Collect family interest from your website using our web forms and landing pages.
  • Capture family interest from voicemail and record outbound calls.  Plus, get a dedicated phone number for each nursery. 
  • Collect family interest from Facebook Messenger and Lead Ads. Plus, easily respond to Messenger chats directly from CRM+.
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Automate your marketing.

Automate normally manual communications with hands-free marketing campaigns for every stage in the family's enrolment journey.

  • Automatically follow up with every family across settings so no opportunities fall through the cracks.
  • Let parents schedule viewings from your website to eliminate the back-and-forth of scheduling and increase attendance.
  • Nurture families with multi-step, response-based email and text campaigns.
  • Engage parents with personalised messages using
    our drag-and-drop email template editor.

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Standardise your enrolment journey.

Automatically move leads through your enrolment funnel, create a consistent enrolment journey across settings, and deliver an on-brand experience every time.

  • Automate your enrolment funnel to efficiently move leads through each stage of enrolment.
  • Make every tour a great tour with our Tour Kiosk and Talking Points which help staff give a consistent, on-point tour every time.
  • Keep every nursery on-brand with templates that reflect your brand's look, feel, and messaging.
  • Integrate with your nursery management system to keep data up to date between both platforms and reduce time spent on manual entry and data errors.
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Hope & Dreams Childcare Group Maximises Revenue with ChildcareCRM 

“We’re in the business of building trust and that starts the moment an enquiring family contacts us. With ChildcareCRM, we can easily capture family information when they enquire to begin building a strong relationship.”


- Gary Pierce, Hopes & Dreams Owner



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Get real-time reporting.

Understand how marketing and enrolment are performing across settings to make data-driven decisions on where you can improve.

  • Track enrolment trends with reports on new leads, tours, enrolments, and more to develop proactive growth strategies.
  • Analyse campaign results to see which marketing strategies are producing the most enrolments.
  • Know where your leads are coming from with lead source reporting and UTM tracking.
  • Understand conversion success with ease, using reports on conversions at each stage of the enrolment journey.

Frequently Asked  Questions

Marketing automation is software that performs repetitive marketing tasks without the need for you or your staff to lift a finger, freeing up both time and effort. Use marketing automation to send drip campaigns, follow up with and nurture leads, send viewing confirmations and reminders, and much more.

Use CRM+ marketing automation features to:

  • Automatically capture new leads and enquiry communications in one place. Then, let the system follow-up with families for you - even after hours or when staff is away from their desk.
  • Create personalised campaigns with professionally branded email and text templates, using unique details such as guardian name, nursery manager name, location name, and more.
  • Automate drip campaigns that target your audience effectively – based on the way they interact with your marketing emails and texts.
  • Quickly see how locations and brands are performing. Automate sending custom or standard reports to teams.

In short - no. CRM+ is a lead management software that integrates with lead generation web sites like Winnie and Kinside.

While CRM+ does not "find" leads for you, it does collect leads from your website, landing pages, phone calls, Facebook pages, and more. Then, those leads flow directly into CRM+ for automated, fast follow-up.

CRM+ also manages leads as they move through the enrolment pipeline. By automating lead nurture campaigns, you can turn more leads into enrolments with less work. 

CRM+ drip campaigns can be used throughout the entire prospect's journey to enrolment and are also powerful tools for re-engaging families who may be considered a ‘lost opportunity'.

These behaviour-based automations allow you to communicate with prospective families based on how they interact with the content you share. Because these texts and emails are all part of a single marketing campaign, you can better monitor their effectiveness, ROI, and how recipients are responding.

CRM+ is designed for the childcare industry to help you manage the enrolment funnel from leads to tours and waiting lists to registration. In addition, CRM+ has built-in email and text templates, workflow automations, reports, and software integrations - all created specifically for the childcare industry.

CRM+ provides multi-setting views within a corporate dashboard to manage settings at-a-glance. In addition, you can dive deep into built-in and custom reports to see valuable metrics and make data-driven decisions.

CRM+ includes built-in and custom reporting tools to provide in-depth, actionable insights about revenue and enrolment growth. Plus, create a consistent look and feel with standardised branding across all your settings – leading to higher conversion success and profitability.

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