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Centrally manage enrollment. 


New leads for all center locations are automatically routed to central enrollment specialists who can assess family needs and schedule a tour within minutes.   

Find the best fit for each family.

Childcare enrollment teams can search the area or use a starting and ending address to find a center with openings that match each family’s specific care needs. 

central enrollment map
enrollment levels

Easily access multiple locations.

Enrollment specialists can view details for each location like center ratings, programs, hours of operation, and more. User permissions can be adjusted for easy access.

Automatically notify staff.

After a tour is scheduled, center directors are automatically notified with details about the upcoming tour and family. When the tour is complete, enrollment specialists are automatically notified so they can follow up with enrollment forms.

notify staff_enrollment team

Maintain open communication between employees.

CRM helps the enrollment team a lot! It saves so much time. We save paper and prevent doing

paper & pencil notes. It keeps communication open between employees who use CRM.


- Gamze V., Site Director

The Benefits of Using Enrollment Teams

Enhance organization.

Improve lead management and keep your corporate team in sync with center directors.

Boost productivity.

Corporate enrollment teams will effortlessly manage lead follow-up and tour scheduling for all center locations to save staff time. 

Scale enrollment growth.

Easily coordinate activities between your enrollment team and center directors to ensure leads convert. 

Increase parent satisfaction.

With centralized enrollment, corporate enrollment specialists can find the right childcare center to match specific family needs – personalizing the experience.

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