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Manage family information, leads, and communications in one place.


Quickly see Pending Leads at-a-glance as they automatically flow into the CRM software. Then manage enrollment tasks, communications, and meetings from one place.

Organize all family leads.

Capture leads from anywhere – phone call, email, text message, website, and Facebook. Parent information and initial inquiries are organized so you can automate follow-up responses. 

Fb pending leads
lead management pipeline

Monitor lead progress.

CRM software monitors and relays the progress of each family. See which communications and enrollment tasks need to be assigned.

Generate leads, then report.

Get the most out of your CRM with landing pages and web forms that turn your website into a lead generator. Increase the number of families that find your childcare business and view reports to make data-driven decisions about future enrollment initiatives. 


Pave the way for childcare success.

"Success is allowing yourself to open up to innovative ideas. Don't fear what you don’t understand. ChildcareCRM has

the tools, methods and customer service in place to help you reach maximum capacity at your preschool."


- Sandy C., Owner of Yuma Preschool

The Benefits of Using Lead Management

Stay organized.

Effortlessly manage family data for new leads in one place. Encourage families through the enrollment process with consistent communication.

Save staff time.

Guide families through enrollment and take repetitive tasks off your staff’s hands with automated lead communications.

Increase enrollments.

Generate more prospective families via web forms and unlimited landing pages.

Get real-time insights.

Monitor family leads across childcare centers with accessible reports.