How To Get Increased Enrollment

One of the biggest challenges virtually any childcare provider faces is learning how to get more kids in your daycare.

We get it! At ChildCareCRM, we have a full staff of experts in the daycare industry who know your exact struggles. In fact, our company has more than 75 years of experience in the child care and child care software management industries. We have poured years of effort into learning how to increase daycare enrollment and our clients are the ones who benefit.

At ChildCareCRM, we are very aware of how different child care marketing is from any other industry, and we’re one of the few companies that have it figured out. We have developed a system to completely automate all your marketing and parent contact needs. We understand how little time you have and we are here to help you grow your daycare enrollment with a customized plan.

Our system is designed to make sure your marketing efforts are never wasted. Here’s how we can help:

  • Our system offers comprehensive marketing campaign analysis that gives you all the data you need to determine where your marketing dollars need to go in order to get the strongest return on investment.
  • Our software includes automated task management that helps with parent contact, lead management, waitlist management and lead tracking.
  • We help you keep up with potential and current parent communication by automating text and email communication. Our research has determined that keeping in constant contact with parents and leads is how to get more kids in your daycare.

We understand how to increase daycare enrollment because it’s our business. We have spent years of research and development to bring daycare owners the tools they need to grow their businesses smoothly and effectively.

No other industry has the unique marketing needs that the daycare industry has and ChildCareCRM knows exactly what they are. If you’re tired of spending needless hours on marketing tasks that are showing little results, contact us today and let us teach you firsthand how to get more kids in your daycare.