How To Market A School

If you do not know how to market a school, it’s ok — ChildCareCRM has several school marketing templates to work off of.  Many people do not know how to promote a school because they ignore the fact that marketing a school is different from marketing a product or service.

One way you can know how to promote a school is by figuring out what you are actually promoting about the school.  You are in fact promoting the empty slots in your school to keep the enrollment pipeline going.

ChildCareCRM is a Cloud-based platform that provides you with tools and automation for your marketing efforts, communication/outreach and general operations.

Tips on how to advertise a school effectively
Most of the channels companies use to promote their products and services can also be used to promote your school. This is one thing people who are wondering how to market a school should keep in mind. They include:

  • Smart email marketing:  Try and schedule emails that advertize your facility instead of sending them anytime you feel like. For example, send a colorful newsletter that has pictures at least once a month. Apart from that, use a subject line that can make a reader click on your email. You can do all this automatically using ChildCareCRM software to automate and personalize emails. ChildCareCRM allows you to segment emails based on limitless criteria for smarter, better and faster communication.
  • Focus on sales lead sources:  You should pay attention to where all of your leads are coming from so that you can focus more marketing money in that direction. With ChildCareCRM you can go further and calculate the cost of each marketing campaign. This allows you to divert funds away from places that are not generating any enrollments to those that do.
  • Social media: One way to get people talking about your school or center is by engaging them on social media. You can post positive parent testimonials, advertize empty slots and introduce new school programs on social media.

These are just some easy tips you can start with if you do not know how to advertise a school, but there are more. Explore the resources offered by ChildCareCRM and learn how to market a school effectively.