How To Open A Day Care

Curious folks with an interest in a secure financial future are becoming more interested in finding out about how to open a day care center. At ChildCareCRM, we have a few suggestions based upon our years of experience in both child care and in developing the latest web-based software technology for the industry.

Once you've made the decision to move ahead with opening a day care center. there are a few things you can, and should, do immediately.

  • First, establish your business entity. You may want to obtain, not only the incorporation, but also make sure you secure internet domains, including your social media presence. ChildCareCRM has the tools you need to categorize, store, and recall the pertinent information about your business so that you can immediately access those records.
  • You may need to look into a license or registration. Numbers can vary by state but a common rule is that you can have up to six children under the age of 13 in a registered daycare while a licensed facility can reasonably be expected to accept up to 12 children per caregiver.
  • When you want to start a day care business ask yourself if you'd like to remain a smaller, home-based facility or do you envision growing into ever larger enrollment? Becoming licensed is a crucial step toward letting potential customers know that their children will be safe in your facility.

Another important issue, when thinking through how to open a day care center, is staff. If you are working with children, you've most likely been subjected to a background check. This will be a requirement for all hires when you are opening a day care center. Keep your hiring records, certifications and continuing education documentation for all staff in ChildCareCRM's secure Cloud-based platform. We have put our knowledge and experience to work to bring you a simple, user-friendly interface that is backed with inviolable security features.

Understanding how to open a day care center becomes easier with ChildCareCRM as your technology partner. Contact us today for more information and a free demo.