How To Promote Your School

So, you have started — or taken the helm of — a new private school, and you are wondering how to promote your school in the community. Understanding your market is something that takes time and research, and not every administrator magically knows how to market your school.

The good news is that there are a number of resources available to help you learn how to promote a new school. The bad news: Not all of those tools are created alike. Of course, we are talking about software and technology as the starting point of your ongoing marketing efforts. If you are like most school administrators, you want to manage your enrollment without having to learn a complicated piece of software that will be burdensome and bulky. We present, as a solution, ChildCareCRM.

Why ChildCareCRM is your partner in knowing how to promote your school in the community

The old-school days of simply buying television or radio ads are over – knowing how to market your school now has to involve technological resources. The advent of social media means that tech solutions are your go-to when it comes to recruiting new students. Social media spurs that all-important “word of mouth,” which is one of the most critical aspects of any school marketing plan. Start the conversation in your community by using ChildCareCRM, which offers:

  • Quick and easy access to custom e-mail lists
  • Methods for “talking up” your brand on social media and through e-mail notifications
  • Building a connection between your website and administrators
  • Enabling quick follow-up for those who are seeking more information
  • Cradle-to-grave management of marketing prospects throughout the entire sales funnel

If you want answers about how to promote your school in the community, and you want a great return on investment from your client relationship management software, ChildCareCRM is for you. Let us show you how easy marketing can be – schedule a free demo!