How To Run A Day Care

There is plenty of information readily available on how to run a day care — advice, recommendations and step-by-step guides are accessible easily online. Much like raising children, there are many schools of thought on the topic.

When it comes to running a day care business out of your home or facility, you are ultimately the deciding voice on the direction your business will take. ChildCareCRM offers the tools and information you need to actualize your dreams of a beautiful, well-run day care.

A tool to fill your enrollment
The primary goal when operating a day care center is a full enrollment. While thinking of how to run a day care, ask yourself what interim goals you have set to achieve maximum enrollment and even an active waiting list.

We'd all like to jump ahead and achieve the big goal but how do you get there? We have found that the most successful businesses begin by gathering information about marketing to their chosen community.

Who are the local families and what are their child care needs? Are families struggling with full-time day care needs or are they more likely to be looking for a flexible schedule of before or after school care? Understanding the needs of the community informs your marketing approach.

ChildCareCRM does the research and development that equips day care owners with the ability to gather, store and respond to personalized marketing analysis.

Enhancing communication with parents
On a day-to-day basis, running a day care business must include on-going communication with parents and families. As a day care owner, you are trusted with our most precious ones — our children. Parents are comforted and excited when they receive an email update or picture of their child throughout the day.

You and your staff can communicate securely with parents, sending forms, email blasts and texts. With safety concerns for day cares and schools, the ability to mobilize and provide information in any situation can be lifesaving. Take a free demo of ChildCareCRM and learn more about how to run a day care safely and successfully.