Child Care Marketing   Boot Camp

Child care is a challenging industry, but now you’ve signed up for Kris Murray’s Enrollment Boot Camp because you want to take your business to the next level. It’s time to streamline your business functions and focus on unique tailored interactions with your customers that will build your business’ reputation, increase efficiency and grow your enrollment!

Let us help you save time, stay organized and get ahead of the competition. To maximize your success, we offer setup and trainings tailored to the specific needs and experiences of all users. The customer success team is available to maximize the potential of benefits received from using ChildCareCRM. We are available to schedule one-on-one support and provide help when you need it.

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Tips for Success:

  1. Management should be accountable for providing support to let the other users know that they are very serious about the success of implementation and use.
  2. Have a "System Pro." Someone that will help you achieve that employee buy-in or enforce the implementation process.
  3. Get Employee Buy-In. Make the change more attractive to employees and encourage their buy-in on how the new system will make their jobs easier and how the company will benefit. Be sure to point out how difficult it will be for your organization remain competitive without it.
  4. Schedule Trainings and Give Support. Write a plan with clearly defined goals, timelines and responsibilities. Include training schedules during and after the implementation so the staff continues to take advantage of the benefits the new system brings to the organization.