Owning And Operating A Day Care

Owning and operating a day care center is a complicated endeavor, but ChildCareCRM offers software that can make it much easier and successful. The complication of owning a day care business is not just about getting licensed or passing inspection. Marketing your brand is essential to filling your facility with paid clients.

You need to know who your potential customers are, where they are located and their child care needs. To get this level of understanding, you will need a system that not only collects data but allows you to use that data to successfully manage your business.

How ChildCareCRM can make owning a day care business easier
Owning and operating a day care center business means you will be focusing on things like enrollment, growing your waiting list and giving your current customers premium care. ChildCareCRM helps you do this on a single platform seamlessly. Our system offers the following:

  • Data collection: ChildCareCRM collects phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, children’s names, birthdays and more. You can then use this data as a guide for your marketing strategy.
  • Cloud-based services: Since it is Cloud-based software, you can access it from anywhere. This allows you to conduct business while you are on the run without having to be at your desk.
  • Cost-efficient marketing efforts: Knowing exactly what your prospects may need, where they are located and other information allows for targeted marketing. That means that you can use money wisely by focusing on strategies that actually bring in results. No more blind spending of marketing dollars.

Operating a day care center is time consuming. That is why most people who start day care centers hardly have time to market their services. But ChildCareCRM changes this because it provides things like automated email marketing, which will help you save significant time and effort. For instance, you can send emails to your customers when opportunities open up in classrooms.

The software also has an automatic age-up feature that sends birthday e-cards. Our system makes owning and operating a day care center easy and fulfilling. Contact us today at 866-306-1985 and we’d be happy to show you a demo.