Child Care Business Success

Child Care Business Success

Helping you attract and retain DREAMY staff and clients is our mission. We strongly believe that the team you have in place to support your vision is one of the biggest determinants to your success and happiness. We also know that unmotivated and unproductive staff is a child care program’s biggest profit killer. Does your vision need clarity? Does your vision need to be brought back to life? That’s our starting place with most of our clients!!

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Attract a DREAMY Staff

Julie Bartkus is an internationally known Child Care Business Success mentor, speaker and best-selling author of Child Care Business Success. She helps child care owners and directors create their positive, productive and profitable child care businesses through her on-site customized programs, her publications and her groundbreaking Child Care Program of Excellence Club and Mentorship.

Julie is known for her personalized approach in helping her clients achieve the levels of success they desire, including filling enrollments in record time, transforming workplace culture and attracting and retaining DREAMY staff and clients. She is quickly able to access the problems child care leaders are experiencing and helps them gain clarity as to what their next best steps are so they can experience results in record time, like Mary (who got 36 enrollments in three weeks) or Cheryl (who grew her child care business by 33 percent in 60 days) or Cindy (who is now attracting DREAMY staff).

Your child care program is your baby. Julie meets you where you are and helps you take your personal and professional success to a whole new realm of possibilities.

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