Web-based, Enterprise Child Care Management System:

  • Full Revenue Cycle Management platform using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Mitigates most billing labor and can forecast future revenue with machine learning and data normalization. Will recognize cash, invoiced/pending, and payments accurately with cash and accrual accounting. Elegant and comprehensive reporting dashboard.
  • Digital Document Manager, with enrollment and family on-boarding automation. Eliminating all paper forms.
  • Parent mobile app ecosystem for child custody authentication and sign in/out with Facial Recognition and Geofencing used to authenticate attendance and billing validation in tandem.
  • Scheduling and utilization management automation, for staff and students.

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The first "all in one" software platform for child care:

  • Employee management/credentialing
  • Scale teachers with classroom automation
  • Compliance regulatory reporting
  • Payment collection-revenue cycle
  • Parent communication

We automate Staff Onboarding, credentialing payroll and HR, and Teacher Scheduling automating personnel management. Transforming each classroom into a hub for lightning fast documentation and automation.

2017 43North Winner

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