Kindyhub web-based software designed for capturing children's learning. Simple, easy to use digital platform for recording daily learning experiences, observations, with the ability to link to early learning frameworks.

The best thing about [Kindyhub] is that it gives us the capacity to spend more time with the children and handle documentation less.
-- Neville Dwyer, Nominated Supervisor
  Dorothy Waide Centre LDC Service
  • Enhanced communication with families. Simple and quick two-way communication allows quick correspondence (events, newsletters, notices, medical alerts etc). Families can download a free smartphone application which connects educators with families.
  • Flexible & customizable software. Inbuilt planning & reporting tools tailored to your needs. Customizable report library, daily sheets, frameworks & philosophies.
  • Brand awareness. Maintain your centre’s unique identity & brand within the marketplace with your own centre-branded parent app.
  • Achieving excellence in ratings. Provides a holistic approach for educators to engage in the NQS. Plan, Program & reflect and give clear evidence of the planning cycle. Provides accurate insights into each child’s developmental milestones & learning experiences.
  • Educators spend more time with the children & parents are better informed – that’s the Kindyhub experience.

Like any busy parent, seeing what my son gets up to do every day is a bright spot in my busy day. Being able to read about his activities and even talk about them with him is priceless.
-- Andrew Bowden, Parent

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