As long-time industry insiders, the team at LifeCubby is pleased to be serving the Early Childhood community! Rated the No. 1 technology company in Early Childhood for Customer Service, LifeCubby prides itself on the personal attention we give each client. Combined, our staff have over 100 years of experience in the Early Childhood field.

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Since 2011, LifeCubby has been providing early childhood teachers with apps and software solutions for classroom documentation and communications with parents. Available for Kindle, iPads/iPhone and Android tablets and phones, the LifeCubby Classroom App and the LifeCubby Family App are used in thousands of classrooms across the United States and internationally. LifeCubby offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including daily reporting, observations and assessment, lesson planning, email and roster management.

The integration between LifeCubby and ChildcareCRM allows program administrators to save time by auto-synching new families from ChildcareCRM into LifeCubby. Therefore, new enrollments can be added to LifeCubby without having to duplicate the typing.

LifeCubby is:

  • Fast - Updates are immediate when you use LifeCubby. Parents don't have to wait until the end of the day for their daily sheet-using mobile web and apps, parents and teachers stay connected during the day.
  • Easy to Use - As a Parent Engagement tool, LifeCubby is a recognized leader in the early childhood community. LifeCubby's user-friendly platform offers staff and parents a clean, fast, interactive interface.
  • Customizable - Whether you are a Director, a Teacher, or a Parent, you can customize LifeCubby to fit your needs. Start your free trial today to find out how!
  • Safe & Secure - Your data and images are all secure in LifeCubby. We utilize state-of-the-art encryption, load-balancing, mirroring, back-ups, compression and firewalls. LifeCubby maintains PCI-DSS compliance, and all communications are SSL-encrypted.
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