MiCare Global is an Australian based software company specializing in the development of software solutions to meet the changing demands of the childcare sector*. MiCare Global provides Platform as a Service (PAAS), App and AI solutions to increase child care daily occupancy and provide efficiencies in casual staff placement.

Two opposing economic conundrums within childcare today:

Problem 1 – Access to Childcare:
Additional occupancy available through tapping waitlists.
Approximately 250,000 children on waitlists in Australia.
Approximately 125,000 children are absent from childcare every day.

Without efficient processes and tools, centres are missing out on filling these absent positions with those parents in desperate need of care; centres could be doubling their revenue for those absent positions every day.


Problem 2 – Oversupply of Childcare Centres:
In many areas in Australia, there is a glut of childcare centres.

Centres are finding it hard to attract clients - occupancy levels are dropping dramatically.

Staffing expenses account for approximately 68 percent of a childcare centres revenue.
Approximately 2 staff are absent in every centre per day. Recruitment firms charge in excess of 25 percent on top of the hourly rate for casual staff placement.

Finding adequate, last minute qualified childcare staff is costly and time consuming.

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The Solutions

MiCare screensAccessibility and Flexibility
MiCare -The ‘Passport to Care’

MiCare – The Passport to Care: MiCare manages childcare absences, increase occupancy in childcare centres and provides access to additional last minute care for Parents in need. MiCare comprises the MiCare Enroll platform which includes the generic, digital enrolment portal. The digital enrolment form permits Parents to access childcare, on a casual basis in any participating centre.

Through MiCare:
Centres are able to always increase their occupancy.
Parents are able to access flexible, last minute care anywhere.
The old business model of: attract parents, enroll children and keep them for four years is broken.
A sustainable model of: increase the daily occupancy through increased volumes of children into a centre on any given day is demanded.

Today’s Parent – seeks flexible childcare to meet with flexible living and working requirements. Access to last minute casual care anywhere.

Last Minute Casual Staffing:

MiStaff – Managing Staff Absences: MiStaff provides for an immediate staff placement based on the centre’s specific needs. MiStaff consists of an App front-end for those seeking employment as well as those posting employment. It also has a web based Dashboard for corporate management. MiStaff can be used across multiple sectors.


MiCare and MiStaff: Product Description

MiCare icon

MiCare is an online portal for the generic enrolment of children into childcare, the management of absences and and the purchase of additional last minute care.

MiCare is scalable across multiple sectors including:

  • paid car parking
  • gym subscriptions
  • sporting and entertainment memberships
  • swimming lessons, etc.

MiCare’s environment consists of an App frontend and Platform Dashboard.

MiStaff icon

MiStaff is an online portal for the placement of last minute casual staff.

MiStaff is scalable across multiple sectors including:

  • Recruitment organisations
  • All employment sectors such:
    • Food and beverage
    • Mining
    • Health
    • Construction
    • Project management, etc.

MiStaff’s environment consists of a multi-App frontend and Platform Dashboard.

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