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"SchoolLeader has significantly tightened up my day care operations, particularly with my receivables. I finally found a system that accurately bills and tracks payments the way I need them to be tracked. My accountant loves SchoolLeader's interface to QuickBooks too!"
--Karen O.
Las Vegas, Nev.

SchoolLeader LinkSchoolLeader is your childcare management solution to take efficiency and productivity to new heights. Discover the very best in full featured management software designed specifically for the Childcare industry. With SchoolLeader you'll take total control of your daily operations, including attendance tracking, recurring and attendance based billing, immunization and vaccination management, classroom ratio monitoring, field trip coordination, meal counting and billing, check-in/check-out control, biometric security access, and so much more.

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With the integrated SchoolLeader/ChildcareCRM Connector, you get seamless and automated integration between two great products to help increase productivity and keep pace with your fast moving business. With a few clicks of a button, use ChildcareCRM lead data to automatically build SchoolLeader Student/Guardian Folders and family relations.

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