Preschool Attendance Management Software

ChildCareCRM's preschool attendance software employs a simple, user-friendly interface that sets it apart from other programs. We truly believe that nothing is more sacred than protecting  the children in your care and that starts with a secure information system. 

Our preschool software programs provide the automation needed to stay in constant contact and enhance communications with parents and families.  This is critical to ease the mind of enrolled families. 

Streamlining your preschool’s operations

If you own or run a preschool, you've probably sat in front of your email compiling classroom email lists, activity lists, calendar events, etc.  You work long hours for each and every email blast and wish you had more time to develop exciting educational programs or spend with the kids. 

  • Now, imagine your preschool management software not only sorts and maintains the lists you need, it also automatically tracks students from their initial marketing outreach to graduation from the program.
  • Staff and teachers can maintain progress notes with our easy-to-use, Cloud-based secure platform.
  • Forms and signature slips can be safely received from parents and moved automatically to the correct files. 
  • Tuition notices and receipts logged and totaled — and we know there's always a family or two that will need that nudge of a late payment reminder and we take care of that awkward task automatically, as well.

Our preschool attendance software is designed to help reduce time and cost on administrative tasks for you, your staff and your enrolled families.  The folks at ChildCareCRM have over 75 combined years of experience in this industry and have focused exclusively on child care software needs. 

We partner with terrific application providers so that your school's needs are met by our preschool management software.  Attendance is so much more than a simple roll call.  Securely checking children in and out of preschool is a complicated process, including information on who is, and who isn’t, permissible to check a child out.  The use of ChildCareCRM's preschool attendance software is an indispensable tool in building security and bringing peace of mind to families of enrolled kids.