Preschool Billing Computer Software

The team at ChildCareCRM would like to inform teachers and administrators about our preschool billing software, which can be used to streamline other communication and operational needs within your organization.

Business owners bring different levels of experience to the table and we know that preschools are very attractive for first-time owners. Often the love of caring for children leads to a satisfying and meaningful career as a preschool owner. But, there are sometimes misconceptions about the need for preschool computer software and we'd like to share with you the ways ChildCareCRM can help you business efforts.


A secure, powerful digital solution
If you are new to school administration or ownership, you may have several concerns about preschool billing software — the top concern being security. Not only are you responsible for protecting the financial information of your customers, you hold the demographic data for young children in your care. 

Perhaps you have heard of, and are worried about, hacking and data fishing done through data collection and management programs. ChildCareCRM can't think of a place or group of people where security concerns are more important. This is why we provide preschool software for mac and other operating systems that are accessible yet completely secure.


Administrative work made simple and easy
You can use our preschool computer software with confidence. We provide you with a secure, Cloud-based platform for management of finances, exchange of information with staff and enrolled families, and even collection of learning progress and teacher observations.

This platform is accessible from wherever you need it — professionals on the go will appreciate that they don't have to be at their desk to immediately communicate with staff and parents. 

Parents and administrators alike will find this secure ease of access to be an incredibly valuable tool in tracking the progress, attendance and tuition in real time. We can let you, as an administrator, know when information such as emails or texts are received and if they are opened. Parents can receive automated responses for submitting forms, payments, or attendance information nearly immediately.
ChildCareCRM invites you to try our preschool billing software. See the increase in enrollment, a secure digital platform, and real progress for you and your clients.