Private School Billing Computer Software

Are you looking for private school billing software that will provide reliability, intuitiveness and security? ChildCareCRM would like to introduce you to our revolutionary, Cloud-based software that not only acts as a platform for billing, but also handles a wide range of other important processes within your business.

Developed by men and women who have been in this industry for over 75 years combined, we have created a marketing and operations platform that is unique to the child care industry alone. This includes small, private schools that want to automate many key processes within their operation and spread the word in order to fill enrollment.

With our private school software for mac or PC, you are able to:

  • Create engaging, dynamic marketing e-mails and send them to entire, or segmented, lists. These can be sent out to either existing clients or sales leads.
  • Track leads. Our private school computer software lets your team know the status of each and every sales lead, so you can provide the necessary follow-up when needed.
  • Analyze and quantify your marketing efforts. Find out what areas of your marketing plan are most effectively converting leads into clients so that you can start diverting more dollars in that direction.
  • Manage a wait list. It’s not good enough to fill enrollment — make sure other clients are waiting in the wings when a spot opens up.
  • Stay in constant communication with parents of your current students using our private school computer software. This means regular e-mails and even automated text messages.


As you can see, this is more than just private school billing software — ChildCareCRM can power your entire business, freeing up your time, energy and money.

See how powerful ChildCareCRM is as a marketing tool and private school billing software. Contact our staff to schedule a free demo.