ChildCareCRM® helps you effectively manage and market to your leads from initial enquiry to enrolment by providing a secure, cloud-based system that stores your valuable lead information and history.

Enter lead/child data directly into the system or instantly capture it from your website’s enquiry form or hand-held tour KIOSK. You and your team will be able to manage follow-up tasks, track progress and automate marketing communication processes with more confidence than you ever thought possible.

Capterra badge

We’re excited to announce that ChildCareCRM has been awarded Capterra’s “Best Ease of Use” badge, based on intuitiveness, training resources and customer support.

We aim to simplify child care relationship management and, therefore, receiving this badge is a great honor.
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Take a quick tour to see how it works:

  • Website Inquiry Forms
  • Lead Tracking
  • Task Management
  • SMS/Text Communication
  • Email Marketing
  • Contact History
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
  • Wait List Management
  • Key Metrics & Trend Reporting
  • Management Software Integration

Lead Management Lead Management

Capture lead/child data from phone calls, email or web inquiries and walk-in tours. Generate tour, meeting, phone-call and email follow-up tasks automatically. Track your opportunities from initial inquiry to enrollment and beyond.

Marketing Information Marketing Information

ChildCareCRM helps you quantify the effectiveness of your marketing dollars by calculating campaign response rates and cost per response. Track lead sources, create response campaigns (email, direct mail or text) and view conversion rates from each inquiry type, lead source, campaign type or a specific marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Email Marketing

Create professional HTML-based custom email merge templates for a single center or your entire organization. Upload and send images and attachments. Send individual or group emails at the click of a button. Confirm in real time whether emails have been delivered, opened or even if the lead has clicked a link.

Management Reporting & Analysis Management Reporting & Analysis

More than 30 configurable reports allow for a wide range of summary, detail and table views. Extensive filtering, selection and export report options in a user-friendly format give you the flexibility you need to quickly and thoroughly analyze lead/child information, statistical data trends, staff usage and revenue potential.

Connect Connect

ChildCareCRM lets you meet your prospect through multiple channels to give you a better chance at connecting with them. Reach them through the phone, email inbox, text message and in person. Access everything you need to know about a family on a single page with a complete view of the prospect’s contact information, child record, tasks and events and communication history.

Pipeline Management Pipeline Management

Understand where your leads sit at a glance. Pre-built and customizable statuses show you where your opportunities are moving forward and where they are stalling. View movement by region or center so you can better manage the needs of each area. Keep your management teams working together with automated follow-up tasks and marketing insight from inside of your ChildCareCRM. Watch your enrollment pipeline update in real time and stay in the know.

Automation Automation

As your organization grows, so will your understanding of your market and the follow-up it needs. Make sure your system’s automated email, text and task assignment fit the bill. With ChildCareCRM’s Business Rules, you can segment messaging based on endless filtering criteria and tailor your communication to each family smarter, better, faster

Integrate & Extend Integrate & Extend

Your internal systems might change and your CRM system should be able to keep up. Stay connected with your website, social media, management and parent engagement systems with ChildCareCRM’s partner integrations. It’s time to close the loop and cut out the extra work – get connected today.