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New Horizon Academy Increases Lead Conversion Rates to Almost 40% with ChildcareCRM

Cara Johnson-Bader

We can connect with families quicker and in a more timely, professional manner. The speed of response has made a huge impact on our conversion rates. Our average conversion rate from inquiry to waitlisted or registered is 39.6%, almost 3x higher than the global average.


Cara Johnson-Bader
VP of Marketing & Parent Experience at New Horizons Academy



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New Horizon Academy (NHA), a Minnesota family-owned and operated company, has been serving young children since 1971. After decades of using pen and paper to capture and manage leads, NHA knew it was time to embrace the digital age with CRM software that could grow enrollment and ensure timely follow-up with every family.

With 85 locations, NHA was looking to provide a systemic way to connect with families and track everyone through the active pipeline—from inquiry to enrollment. So, they began their search for a CRM that could meet the unique needs of childcare organizations and chose ChildcareCRM.


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Increasing Conversion Rates with Automation

Prior to ChildcareCRM, NHA collected new inquiries at their corporate office. When questions like ‘do you have openings for infants’ were asked, corporate would respond back via email and copy the Center Director to provide an answer. NHA’s Center Directors’ daily schedules are busy, so some inquiries received delayed responses or no response at all. NHA knew opportunities were slipping through the cracks.

With ChildcareCRM, NHA automated and streamlined the enrollment pipeline. NHA uses drip campaigns to automate responses to new inquiries, tour requests, and completed tours. Now Center Directors can respond to families at each stage of the enrollment pipeline - without lifting a finger. And, corporate knows every new inquiry is followed up with immediately so no opportunities are lost.

ChildcareCRM is a game changer! We can see how many inquiries we're getting per location along with details on where they're coming from to help us grow our business. We don't have to guess anymore.

Cara Johnson-Bader, VP of Marketing & Parent Experience 
New Horizon Academy

With ChildcareCRM, New Horizon Academy:

  • Drives higher enrollment rates across locations.
  • Optimizes their marketing budget and spending.
  • Successfully moved off pen and paper, saving hundreds of staff hours each week.

Effectively Managing the Enrollment Pipeline

NHA also struggled to get insight into each stage of the enrollment pipeline. With ChildcareCRM, NHA has complete visibility into their enrollment funnel at the corporate and location level.

“With ChildcareCRM we have a clear visual of all funnel stages from inquiry to enrollment,” said Cara Johnson- Bader, VP of Marketing & Parent Experiences at New Horizons Academy.

Improving Performance with Reporting

ChildcareCRM reports on the details of each lead source as well as the specific location they are interested in which allows NHA to track where families are coming from, how their marketing budget is spent, and assess their return on investment (ROI).

NHA particularly finds value in the Lost Opportunity report that helps them identify which families did not choose their centers. They re-engage those families with nurture programs to ensure they never miss out on the opportunity to enroll a family.

One of our favorite features of ChildcareCRM is the reporting. With dashboards and reports we can see what’s happening across our organization at a glance and in detail.

Cara Johnson-Bader, VP of Marketing & Parent Experience 
New Horizon Academy

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