School Attendance Management Software

School attendance software is an important part of running any daycare or preschool. It’s also not easy to find a good system that works specifically the way you need it to.

That’s why ChildCareCRM developed a software program especially for your industry. We are a team of professionals with 75 collective years of experience in the child care business and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

At ChildCareCRM, we know how limited your time is. If you own or operate a daycare or preschool program, your time is better spent in personal interaction than on tedious tasks like marketing and communication. Automating tasks like these leave you with more time to do what you love — and that’s what our Cloud-based software does for you.

Our school management software has more to offer than you could possibly imagine. Take a look:

  • ChildCareCRM completely automates all your data management, making it easy to keep track of student information and enrollment leads and providing access to it for all your team members.
  • Our school attendance software has all the needed tools to measure your data, giving you the necessary information to decide where to spend your marketing resources. Less wasted resources means a bigger bottom line.
  • Staying in constant contact with parents and interested parties has never been easier than it is with ChildCareCRM. We automate the process for you and provide email templates for effective results.
  • Our school management software operates on a Cloud-based platform so that accessing information is fast and easy from anywhere you are. Plus, the information is kept secure.

Not many companies will pour the amount of time and training we do into learning and growing in this niche. We specialize in school attendance software because it’s our passion. ChildCareCRM gives you control of all your data management and marketing needs. We even partner with the companies that integrate best with our software in order to give you every service available. Contact us today to find out how our software can simplify your business.