School Marketing Plan Template

A school marketing plan template is a guide or map that shows what to prioritize when promoting your school. There are several school promotion ideas, so you have to choose carefully the ones that will work for your school.

Email marketing is one of most widely used school promotion ideas. One issue you may face with email marketing is the fact that it is not always easy to come up with email marketing ideas and its tedious to develop and send these materials.

Email marketing tips from ChildCareCRM
You can use email marketing in a number of ways to communicate with prospects and engage with parents. Just make sure that you do it correctly by using smart school publicity ideas. Let us look at some email marketing tips:

  • Have a plan: It is important to have a clear school marketing plan template for email marketing. For instance, schedule the number of times you can send emails and what type of emails you can send when. It is advisable to send at least one newsletter every month. Try to also divide people into groups based on criteria like customer, prospect and so on. You can put contact information of sales leads into one group if they inquired about enrollment. Remember not to send too many emails or someone might mark them as spam. ChildCareCRM is a Cloud-based platform that allows you to do all this quickly and efficiently.
  • Subject lines that grab attention: Your subject line does not necessarily have to about the topic in your email. The subject should just be used to capture attention and to increase the chances of the reader opening the email. Just make sure it is brief and also try to personalize by fitting the specific child’s or parent’s name in it.
  • Use your logo and pictures: Use your brand or logo in the emails. There are several professional email templates on ChildCareCRM that you can use as a guide for this.  Also try and use pictures relevant to your email topic to capture your readers’ attention.  For example, you can use a festive holiday picture or funny picture that your readers can remember.

These are just a few ideas you can add to your school marketing plan template. You can use ChildCareCRM to automate and personalize marketing emails so that you can focus on other important duties. This software can also serve as the hub for data storage and business operations. Call us today at 866-306-1985 to check out a free demo.