Setting Up A Child Care Business

Setting up a child care business is no easy task — at least, not without the right help. ChildCareCRM is a software system designed specifically with the child care business plan setup in mind.

The team behind ChildCareCRM has logged over 75 collective years in the industry, helping us research, learn and perfect a Cloud-based operations platform that almost completely automates the marketing tasks of setting up a child care center.

Your marketing plan should be as comprehensive and detailed as possible, setting your business up for success from the very start. Our system was created for you by professionals in your business. We’ve dug deep to find out the exact data you need to measure your marketing efforts and the exact tasks that can be left out.

But in case you’re still not sure if ChildCareCRM is right for you, here are just a few of the ways it helps:

  • Setting up a child care business requires a full roster and at least the beginnings of a waiting list. Parent communication is the most effective key in getting this done. Our software system helps automate this task for you by making it easy to schedule texts and emails.
  • Setting up a child care center is much different than any other business and so is the marketing strategy. Knowing this is what gives us an edge and helps you better determine your marketing standpoint.
  • Our software generates all the data and trends you need to get a clear grasp on where your marketing efforts are paying off.
  • Our data management software also makes it easy to access lead information any time you need it.

In setting up a child care business, you must learn how to market it properly, or you must know someone who does. We are that someone. Put our industry experience to work for you and let us show you how to grow your business with our exciting digital tools.