Setting Up A Day Care Business

The initial process of setting up a day care business can be the determining factor in the success of your future.

Providing daycare services may have been a dream of yours since your first babysitting job. You have decided to take the first steps toward a day care business plan setup. What's next?

ChildCareCRM has decades of combined experience in the childcare industry at all levels and we have a few suggestions based upon the knowledge we have compiled.

  • When setting up a day care business, perhaps the most important thing you can do is educate yourself. Education means much more than a degree or certification. What are the daycare needs of your community? How do you best reach your potential customer base? How do you capture and compile lead information that will result in enrollment?
  • ChildCareCRM has a secure, Cloud-based platform that will put that information at your fingertips. Marketing research and analysis data is critical when setting up a day care center. Let us help you put that information together to form the first successful community outreach for your new business.
  • What steps are you taking to set yourself apart from your competition? We know that all children need constant care but there is a difference between babysitting and daycare. ChildCareCRM’s staff recommends that, when you are setting up a day care center, you highlight what makes you special. Is your staff specially trained? Do you have a schedule of activity that will create a creative early childhood learning experience? Maybe your staff to student ratio beats all the area competition assuring that the children enrolled get the quality attention they need to thrive. Once you have determined that "something special" it's time to spread the word!

As you decide upon marketing campaigns such as hard copy brochures, social media outreach or visual media advertising, our software can compile the feedback you are receiving. This data-driven tool provides essential marketing information when you are setting up a day care business of your own.