Setting Up A Daycare Business

Congratulations, you've decided to move forward with setting up a daycare business! Creating a meaningful career doing what you love — what could be more important?

There is an entrepreneurial spirit and investment in the future that goes hand-in-hand with setting up a daycare center. You set goals to reach financial security, expand enrollment to provide jobs and have a real impact upon the future through care of our children.

ChildCareCRM shares these values. It is through these values that we have taken our combined knowledge and experience to create a user-friendly, digital resource designed specifically for day care centers and homes.

Access important information when you need it, where you need it In today's data-driven world, anyone setting up a daycare business must put secure technology at the top of the list of requirements. As part of your daycare business plan setup, ChildCareCRM would like to invite you to take a look at our secure Cloud-based communication and management software.

This is rock solid security combined with ease of access from anywhere you need it. Staff may access it to post student progress reports or request an email be sent to one class of children. Administrators will be able to manage forms, have ample storage in the Cloud, calendar events. The ability to sort is going to save time and keep costs down.

Information and analysis to fuel your business
Understanding your market space and making sense of data is another key factor in setting up a daycare center. It is crucial to recognize sources of marketing dollar success.

  • What is the response to your hard copy brochures placed around the neighborhood?
  • How about those boosted social media posts?
  • From where is your best traffic inbound?

ChildCareCRM has lead tracking, contact history and marketing campaign analysis built to give you the data needed to get you the best value for your marketing dollars. High enrollment numbers and developing waiting lists means that you meet financial goals and get to do what you love best, which is interact with the families.

Let ChildCareCRM show how we can help you be successful in setting up a daycare business.