Social Media Online Marketing For Schools

Social media marketing for schools is a little different from strategies executed by companies that manufacture more traditional products or provide services.  One key piece of marketing advice for schools is focus on improving enrollment numbers at your school. That’s where ChildCareCRM can help.

Effective social media advice for schools
Social media marketing for schools is cheap and convenient, making it easy to use it creatively to attract new enrollees. One piece of social media online advice for schools is to use social media as a channel to drive qualified leads and traffic to your website. Other social media marketing advice for schools includes:

  • Communicating with parents about changes in your school or coming events
  • Getting input from parents about school activities
  • Encouraging current parents that love your school to share your page with friends and family
  • Posting testimonials and ‘Thank you’ notes from current and previous parents
  • Post information about empty spots for children or staff
  • Collect information about child/lead to add to the ChildCareCRM system

What is ChildCareCRM?
ChildCareCRM is a Cloud-based relationship management software that is specifically designed for the child care industry to capture important information. This includes information from prospects, current customers and even past customers.  With this information, you can communicate with them at any time and get important feedback that can help you improve your business.

ChildCareCRM allows you to automate emails and texts allowing you to send things like personalized birthday e-cards to parents and children on time without any extra effort. 

But one important thing about this software is that it allows you to watch your enrollment pipeline update in real time. You will be able to see where your opportunities are moving forward and where they are stalling.

This allows you to know when you need to increase your marketing efforts and where to market.  With such information, you no longer have to spend money on marketing blindly. You will know what marketing strategies work, because you will be able to quantify the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. ChildCareCRM is a great tool to enhance social media marketing for schools. Call us today at 866-306-1985 for a free demo.