Starting A Daycare Center

Starting a daycare center is often seen as a recession-proof business. Providing excellent care to our most precious members of society is a laudable goal and can give more than mere career satisfaction.

Starting a daycare business can provide financial stability, giving you the opportunity to earn while doing what you love. ChildCareCRM has the tools you need as you navigate the process of opening your own daycare.

A resource that is rooted in industry experience
There are many proverbial streams that need to merge in order to be successful at starting a daycare center and that begins with your daycare business plan.

You may study demographic needs, costs, supplies, staff, but what do you do with all the information you have gathered? How do you make sense of what you are seeing?

The team behind ChildCareCRM has 75 years combined experience and we have put that into developing digital tools that will ensure the success of your start-up. You need marketing information that is data-driven. Where are your marketing dollars having the most impact? Are you aimlessly attempting to reach your potential customer base with no clearly defined plan?

Our Cloud-based software is secure and accessible. We understand that childcare professionals have little time to devote to marketing. You often don't have the extra dollars to hire marketing professionals, either. With our tools, you can access email, text, forms and management tools from your computer, your phone, an even a kiosk hand-held device.

Injecting automation into your operation
Automation offers the ability to work smarter. When starting a daycare business, your precious time should be spent on students, staff and learning. How many times have you wished that you could reach registered families with important information? Perhaps you have enrollment specials for the general public or would like to send birthday wishes or physician forms to your enrolled families.

ChildCareCRM offers simple, user-friendly automation that assists with list sorting, the progression of your students and even gathering and storing necessary forms for each enrolled family. Starting a daycare center represents the realization of career dreams. Let ChildCareCRM help you achieve success in your new business.