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Quick Steps

Enable Enrollment Team functionality

ID Enrollment Team defaults

ID Enrollment Team members

Assign reps

Detailed Guide

Step 1

Enable Database Settings
Before you begin, you must identify the roles and responsibilities of the Enrollment Team within your organization. Enrollment Teams need to operate at a level higher than a location.

  1. As a database administrator, ensure Enrollment Team is enabled within your Preferences Section. In the Enrollment Team Settings Tab _______________ ??????
  2. Based on your expected outcomes from the Enrollment Team, the database administrator should enable tasks that may be assigned by non-corporate level team members to the Enrollment Team or it team members.

Step 2

Assign Staff as Enrollment Team Representatives
The purpose of your Enrollment Team should be to manage leads through the pipeline across multiple locations. You should decide how this impacts your workflow and automation so you can adjust accordingly. To assign representatives to locations and automate business rules to reflect the Enrollment Team:

  1. Within each staff member’s properties folder, make note of the staff’s involvement on the Enrollment Team. Indicate their status within their staff properties to add them all Enrollment Team tasks and pick list abilities.
  2. Assign an Enrollment Team Representative to each location within the Location Settings. One team member may be the default representative at multiple locations.
  3. Update existing database automation or build new workflow into your ChildCareCRM Business Rules by automating follow-up to the Enrollment Team or Enrollment Team Rep at a Location.

Step 3

Managing Opportunities, Tasks as the Enrollment Team
Enrollment Team Representatives will have the ability to manage opportunities and tasks from a high level or drill into details at location level within the Manage Lead/Child screens.

  1. Logging in will direct an Enrollment Team Representative to their Home Screen view as detailed within their Staff Properties. Reps will be able to view:
    a. Pipeline for the appropriate database level
    b. Tour and Meeting Calendar for the appropriate database level
    c. Tab Views – based on individual settings, reps may see pending leads or a list of tasks to do with multiple view options.
  2. Based on the database location settings, an Enrollment Team rep will be assigned to each Lead and any automated tasks should be assigned to that team member.
  3. Business Rules assigned to the Team vs. a Rep will be assigned to an Available Team Tasks bucket found in the Task Tab options on the Home Screen.

Best Practices

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For further help and best practices, reach out to our team at support@childcarecrm.com.