User Guide:
Two-Way Text & Email

Engagement drives enrollments. It is growing increasingly common for inquiring parents to enroll with a center based on their experience and emotions instead of price, program features or benefits. A combination of email and text message campaigning will no doubt return the highest engagement rates. With the ability to send and receive text messages into your system, ChildCareCRM users will be able to move prospects through the enrollment pipeline more quickly and boost response rates to their communications.

Keeping all communications within your ChildCareCRM system gives every team member the access they need to a more complete 360-Degree view of a parent’s interaction with your organization. Let’s dig in to how to utilize Two-Way Communication with your team.

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Quick Steps

Review incoming texts and emails

Review inbound email and text threads

Reply to incoming emails and texts

View complete communication history

View and manage all replies

Detailed Guide

Step 1

Preparing for Staff Usage of Two-Way Communication
As a database administrator, contact our team at to enable Two-Way Communication.

  1. As a database administrator, ensure Enrollment Team is enabled within each team member’s Staff Privileges section. You can find these within the staff subtab of your System Settings.
  2. Prepare or refresh your email and text templates for quick replies. Update these within the Marketing Tab. For multi-site organizations, check your template’s location level and merge variables to ensure accurate information is being distributed.
  3. It is important to note that default text message templates often include the phrasing (Do Not Reply By Text). Remove this so you can encourage replies as needed.

Step 2

Managing Communication

  1. On your Home Screen, locate the brand-new Communications Tab. Within this tab you can view previous messages received and reply as needed.
  2. Within each Lead file, a supplementary Communications tab has been added. Within this addition, you can see specific incoming and outgoing communication related to this lead or family.
  3. Within a mass email or text distribution, you will find all replies to messages within the detailed view of each send. Locate the string of replies within your Group Communications sub-tab in the Marketing section of your system.
For further help, view our release notes or reach out to our team at