Day Care Billing Software

Do you dream of having an easy-to-use client relationship management program that integrates with your day care billing software? Finding the right fit in a CRM can be difficult, largely because you want something that seamlessly interacts with your existing programs.

At ChildCareCRM, we understand that your day care computer software needs to be intuitive, simple and powerful. That is why we have created a customizable program that can support all aspects of your child care business.

Our experts, who have more than 75 years of experience in the field, have created a specialized day care software for mac to help you organize your marketing efforts and overcome cumbersome barriers that accompany outdated software. Let us help you streamline your marketing efforts by integrating our platform with your billing program.

Why integration with day care billing software is critical for your success Many customers ask why we would create a program that interacts fully with your billing software. What could a client relationship management system have to do with invoicing and billing?

The answer is simple — by consolidating your client data into a single day care computer software system, you can track your financial picture easier and faster. Imagine if you could have this type of information at your fingertips:

    • Reports about delinquent clients
    • Tracking communications about payment, including dates of contact
    • Information about client invoices
    • And many other billing reports

    You need quick information about your existing clients and prospects, and ChildCareCRM delivers. Our high-quality client relationship management system makes it easy to track your finances while cultivating new leads and promoting your school or child care facility in the community. Want to learn more about the ways in which our system integrates with your day care billing software? Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration.