Preschool Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for preschool marketing ideas that work? Our team has developed a solution to create a marketing strategy for preschools that doesn’t just market your facility, but also helps you connect with your prospects.

The preschool industry is time consuming to an extent where most preschool owners hardly have time to market their facilities. It is an industry dependent on enrollment, meaning that you have to be consistently reaching out to sales leads and current customers. Some of the best preschool marketing ideas include:

  • Have a professional, interactive website with virtual tours, blogs, captivating videos and opt-in forms
  • Use social media to post announcements, events and for parent input
  • Include testimonials from parents to build your credibility
  • Use email marketing in the form of thank-you notes, newsletters and more
  • Use ChildCareCRM to enhance your communication with parents through things like automated emails or texts

Why ChildCareCRM is a tool for effective marketing strategy for preschools
One very important aspect of preschool marketing strategies is the relationship between you and your clients. Since you have to deal with many clients, you need a system that helps you gather information about them to help you connect with them. This could be things like phone numbers, email addresses, children names, birthdays and more.

Apart from that, ChildCareCRM is Cloud-based software, which means you can access information on any device at any place.

Additionally, prospects can be included in the system from your website and social media, and you can set up automatic email and phone call follow-up tasks.

This tool makes your “enquiry-to-enrollment” conversion process more effective and time saving. You will also have a wealth of information about key metrics and trends. So you will be able to make changes to your facility on the basis of real data, not just a gut feeling.  ChildCareCRM is definitely a great tool to add to your list of preschool marketing ideas. Contact us today at 866-306-1985 and start turning relationships into results.