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Simplifying the Registration Process


Make the Enrollment Process Easier, Faster, and More Intuitive for Everyone

Paper forms can be daunting for some parents which leaves room for errors and time-delayed submissions. Our online ChildcareFORMS are designed to make the process more intuitive for the parent, and error proof for your staff. Eliminate the back and forth and get the answers you need to process registrations from the start.


Online Registration Made Easy

Don't Answer the Same Question Twice

Fields that normally have to be filled out on multiple forms, such as age or address, can be answered once by parents and ChildcareFORMS will populate that information in all fields where applicable, helping to eliminate redundancy and streamline the interview process.

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Security? We Live For It.

As a child care provider or an early childhood education center, you've got a laundry list of concerns every day. Security shouldn't be one of them. That's why ChildcareFORMS is securely encrypted, which is a fancy way of saying all your parents' information is safely tucked away in a digital vault.


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Contactless Parent Interviews

Parents can complete their interviews online and you can review their info on your own schedule. Less time booking appointments, less time waiting for them to drive back to drop off their enrollment packet, and you're able to minimize the length of the registration process for both of you.

As COVID-19 continues to pose challenges to the childcare space, you're also able to minimize the exposure you, your employees, or your enrolled children could have from visitors in your center.

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Enforce Required Fields

If you're used to receiving incomplete forms, then we've got good news for you. With required fields you'll never receive an incomplete form again. View the answers at a glance quickly and easily knowing it's all there. Go ahead and kick your feet up now, because you're living the good life.

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Did we mention that ChildcareFORMS integrates directly with ChildcareCRM? This means that your families' data is synced across platforms for a comprehensive registration experience. You'll never lose track of where a parent and their child sit in the process again.

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Access Your Documents Anywhere

Online and in the cloud, parents will love the ease and convenience of online registration, and you will too! Parents can register their child from anywhere on nearly any device. With real-time email notifications, you're always on top of new registrations.

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Save Time

Now your process for managing forms can be automated like you have always wanted it to be. No more wasting time trying to read bad handwriting or calling parents to fill in incomplete forms. Whether you're more comfortable with paper files, or want to move to cloud storage, ChildcareForms simplifies the registration process

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Custom, Response-Dependent Questions

Based on the responses a parent or guardian provides to certain questions, additional questions may appear. This ensures that you have all the information necessary for every child in your care, and that parents only see relevant questions.

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Our parents tell us that childcareforms is very easy and it saves them time by allowing them to complete the enrollment process without having to make a second trip to our school. For families who live far away and are moving into the area, this is particularly helpful.
Tom Wiley
Director | Educational Playcare Ltd